Author, teacher, mountain hermit

Hello. Thanks for dropping in. As you might guess from these pictures, writing books is what keeps me off the streets, mostly. I wrote the first in 2001 and there’s always another due out before long. 

You will be able to buy my books directly from this site but we’re still in the middle of setting that up, so please bear with me. It shouldn’t be much longer. 

The other thing I do is workshops for writers – especially those at the start of their writing adventures – that focus on releasing the imagination. The most common question that writers get asked is ‘Where do you get your ideas?’ So these workshops give you the answer in the first three minutes, and then there’s no stopping the flood of inspiration.

There’s more, and you can discover it under the menu heading ‘More’. You can read articles about me and see me on telly if you’re so minded. You can read articles that I’ve written, too. And there are lots of photos, including cats, dogs, and pretty scenery. Have a wander round, sign up for anything you can, grab a freebie when there’s one on offer.