Winning boost to the New Year

I had a lovely piece of news yesterday which gave the new year a big boost. Aged 62, I entered my very first writing (fiction) competition in December, and aged 62 and three-quarters, I’m delighted to announce that I won it. [SFX of excited squealing] This was the Wild Atlantic Writing Awards, open worldwide and organised by the lovely folk at the Ireland Writing Retreat … Continue reading Winning boost to the New Year

Sequel to ‘Stake’ now in progress

The new book will be titled A Spell in Transylvania, and should be out in the first couple of months of 2021, if we’re all spared. It’s partly a journal of this year, 2020, being the Brexit transition year and now the year of the coronavirus COVID-19. We live in interesting times. I like the 20/20 metaphor of clear sight or vision, and the nice … Continue reading Sequel to ‘Stake’ now in progress

Reading at the traffic lights

A lovely  post on Facebook today from Oana Dunel: “De-abia așteptam sa ajungă cartea asta, sunt atât de nerăbdătoare sa o citesc ca am început lectura de la semafor!😌 Visez de mult ca intr-o buna zi as putea sa ma mut și eu intr-o căsuța pitoreasca la munte,in inima Transilvaniei, deși la o analiza mai atenta pare imposibil acum (drumuri, infrastructura, utilități, scoli, etc)… Sunteți … Continue reading Reading at the traffic lights

Secrets of a bestselling author

Originally posted on Freemagination:
Lesley Cookman I’m so grateful to my long-time friend Lesley Cookman for revealing some of the secrets of a bestselling novelist‘s life. Read today’s guest blog to see what you have in common with her, and get a sneak preview of the cover of her next book (which won’t be published for months yet). Lesley is the author of the Libby Serjeant… Continue reading Secrets of a bestselling author

What an editor does for a book

Originally posted on Dragons over London:
The author is only the first part of the process in producing a book. We get all the credit, of course, and lots of people don’t realise the number of other professionals involved in turning a few thousand words into an attractive, readable, desirable book. In the first of a series of articles about the publishing process, here’s my… Continue reading What an editor does for a book