Transylvania Beyond – interview

Many thanks to Transylvania Beyond for a lovely interview, with lots of photos.

“Friends still ask how one
gets here almost as if they
expect the answer ‘by bat’
or ‘magic carpet’.”

Arabella McIntyre-Brown is an award-winning writer who decided to move to the rural part of the mythical land of Transylvania, after 30 years spent within crowded urban areas of London and Liverpool. She has written a book about this dramatic change between the two geographical areas and it provides a truly magical perspective of the rural Transylvania “that will melt the heart of every Romanian”. Apart from that, she is now preparing to launch her newest children’s book in November, called “Floss, the lost puppy”.

We invite you to read this next article and get inspired by the way in which such a talented artist not only interacts, but plays an active role in the development of the local Transylvanian community. Her writing style is incredibly humble and genuine and it could make even the coldest person smile.

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Arabella McIntyre-Brown © Matei Buta-4230