Sequel to ‘Stake’ now in progress

Author typing in snow, mountains, gloves
Getting down to work

The new book will be titled A Spell in Transylvania, and should be out in the first couple of months of 2021, if we’re all spared.

It’s partly a journal of this year, 2020, being the Brexit transition year and now the year of the coronavirus COVID-19. We live in interesting times. I like the 20/20 metaphor of clear sight or vision, and the nice roundness of the number. It is also the 10th anniversary of my moving to Magura.

Writing the journal inevitably sparks memories and random thoughts; while Stake was restricted to fairly tight parameters, Spell will allow me to rant, ramble and ruminate amongst the daily jottings of life in a modern-day Carpathian village.

I’ll post an entry now and then, to give you a flavour. Please note that these entries are unedited, straight from the fingers, so cut me some slack if you find horrors lurking in the syntax.

Tell me: is there anything you’re particularly curious about, to do with life here, or my life in particular? Prompts, suggestions, questions always welcome.


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