Which would you pick up?

Can you help me? I’m about to commission a cover for the English version of my book. The Romanian title was Din Liverpool in Carpati, and the English title is A stake in Transylvania.

But what style of cover will people like most, do you think? I’ve picked some covers that I like – they are not all about the same subjects as my book, and are not all modern. I like them for all sorts of reasons.

But… which two of these covers would you pick up off the table in the bookshop? Which would pique your curiosity and make you look at the back cover?

Have a quick look and go with your first instincts. In a bookshop it takes one or two seconds for someone to choose a book to pick up and look at – so first impressions are crucial. Don’t think about it too hard!

Let me know the titles in the comments below – and if you have a moment, tell me why you like them.

Thank you!

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