Digi24 comes to tea

Beautiful TV presenter Ioana Mihalca and her expert crew came to see me in Magura last month, and made a charming 8-minute film from their afternoon’s visit. They also talked to my neighbour Roxana, and my friends from Zarnesti, Dan and Luminita Marin.

The resulting film was broadcast on the show Bonton at the end of November.

What do you think?



4 thoughts on “Digi24 comes to tea

  1. Hi Arabella just heard about you. I watched your interview and it was very nice. I hope you’re happy there and I must say you are a character indeed. But you fit perfectly there :). Enjoy your life there, I’m sure your sister sees you and is happy for you. Bless you.


  2. Hi dear Arabella, just watched your video , love it si much ,you a very nice person and made me understand that actually , what we need is just simple way of life… happy for you you found it , even is in the amazing Transilvania .


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